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All-natural Spa Day You Can Have at Home (Includes Recipes for Products that Work!)

This past weekend was amazing! As I’ve been thinking of ideas for more informational and fun workshops, I kept visualizing a spa-like afternoon with ladies pampering themselves with homemade products that I made in my kitchen, from herbal steam to face masks to moisturizer…

…All while learning about the benefits of various ingredients used, and how they can do the same in their own homes.

You see, recently as I’ve been focused more inwards and more in tune with my true self, I’ve realized how distracted I’ve been from myself by putting so much focus on pleasing and taking care of others… And not so much on loving and caring for my own self.

And I know that this is a truth for many other women out there, playing so many different roles and living to many expectations – from mums, to working professionals, wives, girlfriends, etc.

But the truth is taking the time to connect with your soul, prioritizing self-care, nourishing and pampering yourself, is essential to re-charge that divine energy that flows through us, and to keep you happy and fulfilled.

So this is how this all-natural spa event was born. Continue Reading →