Bye bye toxins, hello health!

Cleanse and reboot with ​a straightforward 14 day plant-based detox challenge.

Why bother ​with detoxing?

​100 years ago we only had about 5% of the chemicals and toxins in our environment.

In the past 50 years alone, about 70,000 new chemicals have been created.

But our DNAs and the ability of our bodies to deal with them hasn't changed since our ancestors, who breathed clean forest air, and ate wild greens and berries ​free of pesticides. So our organs, as amazing as they are, get overwhelmed.

​With a designated detox program, you give your body a break from always working to filter out toxins, so it can actually focus on healing and repairing damaged cells and DNA.

You​ have everything to gain. ​The only things you'll lose are the extra pounds and the dull complexion.

​​Some of the benefits you can experience when cleansing your body of toxins:

  • decreased inflammation and pain
  • losing excess weight
  • Leaf Heart
    higher energy levels and motivation
  • ​brighter and clearer skin complexion
  • Leaf Heart
    ​healing or preventing multiple diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune conditions, acne, eczema and many others
  • Leaf Heart
    ​improved mood and disappearing anxiety and depression
  • Leaf Heart
    ​increased sex drive

And ​you probably already know this... 

​"Detoxing" and "cleansing" have become a bit of a buzz word. Many companies take advantage of this to try and sell you packaged products that are often low quality and unnecessary.

​If you've never detoxed, a lot of detox programs out there are extreme, not based on real science, and sometimes even dangerous. ​

​Many programs can be very confusing and restrictive, so you don't know what to eat, which makes it hard to stick to till the end.

​This program is made to be as simple as possible, especially if you've never detoxed.

​Th​is detox program ​​​focuses on eating a diet of whole plant-based foods, herbs, and superfoods.
The program includes:


​Know exactly what to eat and when. Preparation sets you up for success.


​A list of foods​ (and other products in your environment) to eliminate, reduce, or ​use freely​. ​


​Recipes for nourishing vegan meals and drinks, so you have lots of ideas of what to eat during the  cleanse, and even after it.

shopping list of recommended supplements + herbs

A non-exhaustive list of quality supplements and herbs that support and increase the body's ability to detox and heal.

regular check in sessions + community support

Weekly group online calls and unlimited email support from me, so you never feel alone and have any questions answered.


​A free session ​with me at the end to discuss ​strategies on transitioning and adopting healthier habits into your everyday life.


​discounts to products + programs

​Save hundreds of $$$ on products I use and love such as medicinal mushrooms, superfoods, and other courses about nutrition, raw cooking, herbalism ​and many more.

Silvia Revenco

​Silvia Revenco is a nutrition coach and holistic health educator ​with a mission is to help others heal their relationship with food, heal themselves, and live the most high-vibing happy and healthy life possible. ​She has been researching passionately for the past 7 years how our food and environment affect our health, and has been applying the knowledge to overcome her own food addictions, heal from an illness, and help many others do the same.

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​We are 100% convinced in the quality of this program, which was made to give you the resources and support you need to cleanse for 14 days, especially if ​you have never done a detox program before. We poured a lot of effort, time and love into this program, to make it as easy and accessible for anyone. If for whatever reason, after you've tried the program you haven't experienced any positive change, ​send us an email within 2 weeks after the completion of the program and we will issue you a refund.