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I’m Silvia Revenco – holistic nutrition coach, foodie, restless explorer and truth seeker, addicted to books, plants, chocolate, travelling, smoothies, and continuous learning and growth.


My story

I was born and grew up in Moldova, a small beautiful country in Eastern Europe. I grew up in theDSC_1272 capital city, but my brother and I spent a lot of summers with our grandparents in the countryside. They grow their own food, farm animals, and make their own wine from grapes they grow. We’ve been lucky enough to take part in helping them with plucking weeds in the garden, uprooting potatoes and carrots, cherry-picking…you get the picture. I say lucky, but i’m definitely more grateful now than then. 🙂

Shortly before turning 17, I got accepted to a college and moved to London, where I lived until a few years ago when I crossed the pond and moved to Canada.

Since moving to the Western world I’ve come to notice of many more health issues that I have never heard of, affecting many more people… of younger ages.

I noticed the abundance of processed food, the different eating habits, culture, values, and lifestyle. I got addicted to fast food myself! While in university my first part-time job was at McDonald’s, where I actually experienced addiction to the fast food and soft drinks. Water was no longer satisfying and every day at work I couldn’t stop thinking (obsessively!) about what I would choose to have for my 3 course lunch that I was allowed.

It wasn’t long before I became overweight and sick, having to get medical help in Moldova after not getting any help from the multiple NHS doctors I saw. I was told I HAD to lose weight or I’d have bigger problems down the line. So I did, however I was yo-yo’ing for a while between putting on weight in winter and losing it in summer.

I got into doing door-to-door sales after graduating, working very long hours and travelling a lot. My diet then was a lot of processed junk food, coffee, and energy drinks. Even though I spent the entire day walking, my weight went up again until I got an office job.

That’s when I started cooking more, and my passion for nutrition and natural health grew from there as I started realizing truths about our modern food, cosmetics, and other toxic products that store shelves are packed with.

I never stop learning everything I could about natural remedies, nutrition, sustainability, spirituality, and self-growth. I’ve made a lot of changes in my life, and I’ve been feeling much healthier, happier, and at peace with myself. I became a certified BodyMind Nutrition Coach, and am currently also taking David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition Certification.


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi


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Why this?

I believe everyone deserves to feel amazing in their vessels (aka body), and we all have unique gifts to bring to the world.

My goal is to inform, empower, and inspire as many people all over the world to take charge of their lives, to make choices that lead to an abundance of health and joy, and to achieve their full potential. 

I chose the name Natural Health Junkie because I believe that’s what we all are deep down – addicted to being connected to nature which we are inseparable from… And when this connection is not honoured and becomes weak, suffering occurs.

Knowledge is power – my goal is to give you as much value and empowering information. I host many various workshops, cooking classes, and give one-on-one coaching.

On this website I share tips and knowledge that I learn on my own journey, hoping it will make your own journey towards healthy living more fun, uncomplicated, and sustainable long-term.

Because only when your body is well taken care of, you are able to function at your most optimal level and truly achieve your full potential.

So are YOU ready to get addicted to feeling the best ever??? 🙂

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