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I’m Silvia – holistic nutrition coach & health educator, foodie, raw chocolatier, adventurer, coffee drinker; passionate about continuous learning, personal development, DIY, plant remedies, spirituality, books, travelling, gardening, and spending time in nature.




I believe everyone deserves to feel amazing in their vessels (body), and we all have unique gifts to bring to the world.

My mission is to educate, empower, and inspire YOU to take charge of your life and wellbeing, and make choices that lead to an abundance of health, joy, and fulfillment of your potential. 

Knowledge is power, and awareness is the first step to change. My goal is to provide as much actionable knowledge, inspiration, and support, as possible through workshops, classes, and one-on-one coaching.

On this website I share what I’ve learnt on my own journey, hoping it will make yours more uncomplicated, fun, and simple to maintain long-term.

Because only when your body is well taken care of, you are able to perform at your BEST capacity and truly achieve your full potential.



Silvia Revenco is a holistic nutrition coach and health educator living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

After struggling with fast food addiction and health issues that resulted from it, she became passionate about learning all about the science behind nutrition, plant and natural remedies, as well as the power of our own minds to create the life we desire.

Now she teaches, coaches, and inspires others to step into their power and take charge of their wellbeing, in order to heal and thrive. A fermentation and raw chocolate fan, Silvia helps others live life to the fullest through individual coaching, educational workshops, and the highest quality raw chocolate and superfoods.

Her work has been featured in The Coast and Metro Halifax.


My story

I was born and grew up in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, a small beautiful country in Eastern Europe.

I grew up in a culture where most people cook their own wholesome food, use folk natural remedies, where fast and processed food were very rare enjoyed at special occasions only, and good nutrition as key to good health is just common sense.

As kids my brother and I spent a lot of summers with our grandparents in the countryside. They grow their own food, farm animals, and make their own wine from grapes they grow. I’ve been lucky to participate in chores like gardening, cooking, jam making…you get the picture. I say lucky – I’m definitely more grateful now than then. 🙂

At the age of 16 I got accepted to a college and moved to London (England) on my own, where I lived for 8 years. I met my husband there and moved across the pond to Halifax in Canada, where I’ve been since.

Since moving to the Western world I’ve come to notice of many more health issues and allergies that I hadn’t seen before, affecting many people, young and old.

I got addicted to fast food myself, which was in abundance everywhere!

The first part-time job I got was at McDonald’s. After a short time of drinking unlimited pop, water became boring, and every day at work I couldn’t stop thinking (quite obsessively!) about what I would choose to have for my 3-course lunch.

It wasn’t long before I became overweight and started having hormonal problems, having to get medical help back home after not getting much help from the multiple doctors I saw in London. I was told I HAD to lose weight and fix my eating habits or I’d have bigger problems down the line. So I got back to basics, started cooking more and cutting out processed food, and got my health back.

I started learning more and more about the modern diet and the impact it has on health, along with the chemicals in other products we use regularly and myths propagated by industries, that keep us sick and unhappy. The more I learned the more I wanted to keep discovering new things – I don’t think it will ever stop as I believe it to be a life-long process. 🙂 I also became passionate about self-development, understanding the mind, human behaviour, and the power of our thoughts.

In applying what I discover I’ve made many changes to my own life, and continue to strive for improving every day and becoming the best version of myself.

My mission now is to empower you to take charge of your own health and wellbeing, so you can fulfill your limitless potential.


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