A Delicious Elixir That Boosts Energy and Fights Aging

Hot drinks are a hot trend now, during the cold winter months here in Canada.

I love coffee, tea, and I also love to get the most nutritional and medicinal benefits out of every drink and meal I consume. So I drink a lot of herbal teas from herbs that help my body detox, reduce inflammation, repair cells, and overall tonify my systems.

But one of these drinks has gotten a bad rep over the years… But it’s also the most favourite food on the planet.

I’m talking about chocolate. For many of us, chocolate is still a guilty sinful treat. We feel a sense of shame when we crave it, and guilt when we give into it.

When chocolate was first consumed by the Mayans, for hundreds of years it was consumed in liquid form – the beans where ground into a paste , and mixed with corn flour, chili peppers, and water. It was highly respected and valued as a food and medicine.

Now, the typical hot chocolate is a far cry from that. It’s loaded with refined sugar (the first ingredient usually), dairy,  and is highly processed, so most of the potential benefits are compromised and lost.

But I’m here to tell you maybe the best news you’ve heard in a while. Chocolate can be really good for you.

More and more studies are coming out about the benefits of the cacao bean (Theobroma cacao), which us humans have loved for thousands of years. Rich in minerals such as magnesium and iron, antioxidants, tryptophan, it benefits the circulatory system, and it is a natural anti-depressant.

Cacao causes your blood vessels to dilate, which makes it a great carrier for other nutrients from herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods to get delivered and absorbed into your cells. And as a bonus, it makes it easier to consume herbs that might not taste very appetizing on their own.

Since learning about all the fascinating benefits of this plant that so many of us love, I’ve accepted chocolate into my life without any guilt, and I started using high quality cacao to make my own chocolate,  chocolate desserts, as well as drinks. And I’ve been helping others do the same through classes,  workshops, and RawMania Chocolate.

The hot chocolate elixir  I make in this video is loaded with a ton of nutrients that boost your immune system and fight inflammation and disease. It is so creamy and so delicious. I love having it when I crave something chocolatey, when I need some healthy  brain fuel for a busy day, after a night of overindulging, or when I just need a pick me up.

Like everything else, enjoy in moderation. Although healthy, please note that this drink is  a mild stimulant and is caloric rich due to all the fats in the cacao and the coconut milk.

TIP: Instead of coconut milk, when I have it available I like to use chaga tea  (3 parts) and coconut milk (1 part), enhancing even further the medicinal properties of this drink.


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