My mission is to ​empower ​women around the world​ to live the life of ​their dreams, ​free from pain and suffering, ​and fulfill their potential. 

Our bodies are incredible machines, with an amazing wisdom and ability to heal themselves. Just look at what happens when you cut yourself, or break a bone! Millions of processes happen every minute to ensure you stay alive. Every day your body replaces about 50 ​TRILLION cells!

​For all those cells to be healthy, our bodies need ​good quality and ​quantity of "building materials" and a healthy environment to live in. Your body does its best to keep everything in balance, but sadly nowadays there are so many factors that throw that balance off - from chronic stress to processed food, pesticides, herbicides, exhaust fumes, GMO foods, ​and depleted soils.

But with a few basic understandings and simple changes, you can regain and maintain a state of balance where your body is healing and thriving for many years, and you give yourself the best chances of avoiding lifestyle diseases and illnesses.

​My goal is to help you​ do just that.

I do this through one-on-one coaching, group workshops,​ and courses​, in which I ​focus on practical information with a simple common-sense approach that is easy to understand, and that takes out the confusion and guesswork from healthy living and nutrition. 


​Do you feel tired, have low energy levels, and can barely make it through the day?
Want to get clear simple steps to eating healthier without all the confusion?
Do you need to find clarity in what’s healthy and what’s not in the midst of all the contradicting information?
Tired of dieting to lose weight?

I'm here to tell you... ​I​t doesn’t have to be this way. ​

I ​help my clients achieve their health goals and return to a state of balance - physically, mentally, and emotionally - with simple yet effective changes that bring lasting results. ​

​Some of ​the results my clients experience include better sleep,​ losing excess weight, clearer skin, improved digestion and lots more energy through the day so they can do the things they love.


​+ A ton of care & compassion - I care for you and will go above and beyond to help you and make you feel supported through the entire process.
​+ Strategies - meal plans and clear steps so you know exactly what you need to do, one change at a time. No more confusion and overwhelm.
​+ Accountability ​- You are way more likely to succeed when you have someone to be accountable to. I regularly check in to make sure you stay ​​​​​​on track.
​+ Motivation ​- When you feel down, unmotivated, or that you're slipping into old habits that don't serve you, I'm here to help you get your strength and motivation back.

Single sessions or coaching packages where you save are available.

Coaching can be done online (Skype, phone or email) ​or in-person (I'm based in Halifax, NS).

We always start with a FREE 30-minute assessment to evaluate your goals, your current situation, and see if we're a good fit for each other.



  • Complimentary wellness assessment
  • 6 one-hour coaching sessions
  • Personalized meal plan and insulin resistance questionnaire
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • Discounts to online video courses about nutrition, herbs, fermentation, etc.
  • PRICE: $375 CAD


  • Complimentary wellness assessment
  • 3 one-hour coaching sessions (1 per month)
  • Personalized meal plan and insulin resistance questionnaire
  • Unlimited email​ and text support​
  • Discounts to online video courses about nutrition, herbs, fermentation, etc.
  • PRICE: $200 CAD


  • Complimentary wellness assessment
  • Single one-hour coaching session
  • Follow-up email + 1 follow-up phone call
  • PRICE: $80 CAD