Want To Get Healthier? Start With Your Water And Your Thoughts

For the past week I’ve been in Calgary, it’s been a wonderful time focusing on myself and the growth of my business…. A time full of insights and emotional cleansing and healing.

Also I’ve taken this time to cleanse physically, to drink elixirs with medicinal mushrooms, drink more water… especially since I have the best quality water available here. I’m incredibly lucky that these beautiful 2 people I’m spending a few weeks with, drink spring water from the Rockies which they get in Canmore, about 1 hour away from Calgary.

We just went to refill on spring water on Sunday and this inspired me to write this post about water – something so simple that many of us don’t really think about, however something that we is incredibly crucial to life and optimal health

We are 60% water.

We’ve all heard that drinking enough water in the day is important, drink 8 glasses a day and so on… 

But is that really the case? Why is it so important? And what about the quality of the water you’re drinking?

One of the first things we look at with a new client when I coach them is their hydration.

Water is key to life. Just like Mick Jenkins sings in his song “Jazz”… (Yes I’m one of those people that will break into a song if a phrase or word reminds me of it, don’t mind me)


Water is the biggest flusher – it flushes out the toxins in our body. It also transports and delivers nutrients all around the body, and into the cells.

The first and simplest step to increase detoxification in the body would be to drink more water.

How much water is enough water?

We are each different – we have different bodies, different stress levels, different activity levels, so the amount is not the same for everyone. However, a good general guideline to calculate your average optimal level of water needed per day is this:

Body weight in lbs / 2 = Amount of oz of water

So for example for someone that weights 140 lbs, the average daily amount of water they should consume would be 70 oz, which is just over 2 liters.

Drinking enough water is key for cellular and overall detoxification, avoiding constipation, good digestion, muscle function, energy levels, and clarity of the mind.

One other great way is to pay attention to body indicators – your urine colour. You want to aim for a light yellow colour – if it’s dark yellow, you are dehydrated; clear means you are over hydrating.

Quality of Water

Tap water quality varies in different countries and regions, which is why is best to verify with your local water provider.

Here in Canada, tap water is generally accepted to be safe. While this is a great thing to be thankful for, and even though tap water poses no risk of infectious diseases, it is far from being ideal and the absolute best for your body to operate at its highest potential. Here are a few things you can find in water despite the pure water:

  • Chlorine – antibacterial, therefore while it kills bad bacteria it also kills the good ones disturbing our gut flora. Plenty of research is now proving that good gut flora is essential for a healthy immune system and also production of serotonin, the happiness hormone responsible for mood balance and making us happy.
  • Fluoride – added in many provinces, which has been a controversial subject. Despite the official rhetoric that fluoride in water prevents tooth decay, there is no research that proves this fact. Studies conducted on this subject in fact demonstrated that fluoride doesn’t need to be ingested for that effect – however what studies have proved is that fluoride is toxic to the brain, it lowers IQ especially in children, and it calcifies the pineal gland. I personally am against fluoride being added to the water, especially considering that we all drink various amounts of water, something that is promoted as “medicinal” should not be administered to the whole population in the same dosage. I encourage you to do some research on this topic, Fluoride Alert is a leading source of information on this matter.
  • Traces of pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs – Many municipal water sources, despite passing through filtration systems, have been found to contain traces of legal and illegal drugs.


The best option to get pure water in a city area is to get filtered water – reverse osmosis being one of the most effective filtration systems. You can get your own filter, or alternatively large groceries stores have refill stations where you can very inexpensively refill big jugs of water.

However the best of the best water to drink is spring water (as long as it comes from a safe source of course).

Spring water is “living water” – it is charged with ormus elements, which are superconductors and have been researched and found to be connected with consciousness.

These elements are mono-atomic precious and some not so precious metals, in which the electrons are re-arranged and therefore they don’t display metallic properties. It is a very interesting subject that you can look into in more depth.

Electrolytes are minerals that your body needs to maintain its electrical conductivity in order for various electrical signals to be transmitted effectively.

Critical electrolytes include magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and chloride. Electrolytes are crucial for so many functions in the body: regulating fluid balance, oxygen exchange, digestion, muscle function, nerve conduction, muscle contractions, blood clotting, bone formation, heart function, and pH balance.

For water to be utilized properly it needs to get into the cells through a process called osmosis. When the mineral balance in the body is off, water stays around the cells, causing water retention and less-than optimal cell function. Without the proper balance, one can start experiencing muscle cramps and spasms as they stop working effectively.


water fountain


So in order to absorb water efficiently, add electrolytes in your water.

Unprocessed natural sea salt, or pink Himalayan salt, are your electrolytes – they contain all the 80 trace minerals our body needs.

Salt has been demonized for many years, but the truth is we need salt, we need all those minerals.

What we don’t need – and you should go throw it away right now if you have it – is table salt, in which the only elements are sodium and chloride (and usually an anti-clumping agent). Table salt is heavily processed, bleached, and stripped off all the other minerals that salt contains in its natural form, including potassium.

You see, sodium and potassium work together in a specific ratio to regulate blood pressure. But when your sodium levels are too high in relation to potassium, they can interfere with your body’s ability to properly keep blood pressure levels balanced.

Water stores information.

Also. There’s something magical about water. More than just being 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen, something that makes it quite fascinating.

Professor Boris Koch of the Institute for Polar Research together with a group of other scientists discovered that water at the molecular level stores a memory of all organic life forms that have existed in it. This area of research is still at its beginning stages and a mystery to scientists, however the fact has been known for a long time. This is the principle that homeopathy is built on.

This means that even if the water has been filtrated, it still stores memory of the substances it once had it in. You can dive deeper into this topic and watch fascinating experiments conducted in various online resources (example).

The effect of conscious thought on water structure

The fact that our thoughts and emotions have a physical effect on matter outside of us is becoming more known. Quantum science has showed us that the vibration of emotion affects physical matter.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted one of the most famous experiments that demonstrated how thoughts and intention changed the structure of water crystals. Crystals changed shape depending on the words they were exposed to, from displaying beautiful symmetrical designs to positive words like “love” , “peace” and “thank you”, and looking completely different when exposed to negative words like “war” or “you fool”.



So when you think that our bodies are 60% water, how does it affect us on a molecular and cellular level when we are negative, hateful? When we watch negative news, when we gossip, when we are resentful towards others, or even ourselves?

It surely is something to think about and keep in mind.

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